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Donate Your Car To A Charity For Tax Deduction

Donate Your Car

When you are donating a vehicle, car truck, boat or any other to a charitable cause organization and you are claiming a tax deduction, it would be better you check the rules that are set to vehicle donations. Your vehicle donations and contributions to any non-profit organization have to be listed individually on list of tax payments to a Tax Form 1040.

So if the non-profit charity decides to sell the vehicle you donated, then the deduction you can claim cannot be more than the gross from the sale of that same vehicle.

Learn about Car Donation Tax Deduction Law

When you are claiming between $250 and $500 for the value of the vehicle you have to get a receipt that you have donated the vehicle to a charitable organization, This receipt must contain the date and a brief description of your vehicle and a statement that no other articles or services were provided to the charitable organization in exchange for the car donation.

When the value of your donation exceeds $500, that usually happends when you donate a boat, an airplane, or a big construction motor vehicle, then you donate such like this, you must have a written receipt plus Tax Form 1098-C. The written receipt must have you tax payer identification number, you name, date of the donation, VIN number from the vehicle, and s clear statement that the vehicle was to be sold for a transaction between other parties.

Max tax deduction for charity

Additionally, when the donation is between $500 and less than $5000, Section A of Tax Form 8283 most be filled up, and submit along Tax Form 1040.

Now when your donation exceeds $5000, Section B of Tax Form 8283 must be completed, this will have the signature of the an authorized official at the charity organization along with your forms for a charity deduction. You also can get you donation appraised, but this is limited to the value of the gross sale and cannot exceed that value, This has to be done by a qualified appraiser and the appraisal will had to be done 60 days previous to the donation of the vehicle.

Definitely is a good idea to donate car to charity tax deduction, helps you and them.


  • How to choose the perfect charity? 

Start by having a list of charities you can donate your car to, most churches accept car donations.
Contact the charity organization to make sure they will take your car donation, some places only take certain types of vehicles. When you contact them, make sure that they are a capable of giving you a tax deduction for the donation of your car.

A charity that is registered under Section (501)(c)(3) Not For Profit Organizations will do, an alternative is to navigate to where there is an extensive list of qualifying charities to donate your car to.


  • Empower Your Car Donation For A Tax Deduction

When you have decided who it is that you are going to donate your car to, You need to make sure they will give you a tax deduction following all the rules that the IRS imposes.

An example can be that your car donation can’t be higher than 50% of the gross value of the donation, what this means is that if your donation is $1000 you can only claim up to $500.

To make sure that the donation you have done can be claimed i suggest you take a look at IRS publication 526 on Charitable Contributions.


  • What amount of taxes can you deduct?

Well, so you found out that you qualify for a tax deduction for your car donation and also that the charity you chose will take your vehicle donation.
Now let me remind you that almost all vehicle tax deductions come from cars, trucks, motorcycles. But that you could also donate a boat, an airplane or any motorized type of transportation.

You can only donate personal transportation vehicles, businesses like dealers or sales people can’t donate cars they can’t sell and the have a write off for them, that is against the rules according to the IRS.

Whenever you donate your car you will be able to write off different amounts, but that is subject to the outcome the charity has with your vehicle, most of the time donated vehicles go to be auctioned, your tax deduction will be limited to the amount of money the auction brings for the sale of your car.

Exceptions can occur in some cases, therefore, it will be necessary for you to get a receipt with a explanation of car values and sales prices from the charity organization, this official receipt is for the IRS to confirm that your car was donated for the value you are stating.


  • When Tax Deductions Are Over $500

Every donation that claims over $500 needs to be accompanied by a acknowledgment for the IRS which includes the following information about your car donation write off:

  • Your Full name with tax payer identification number
  • Date of the donation
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Vehicle make/model/color

The Charity organization will as well provide the following data:

  • A written declaration that your vehicle was given to them as a donation, or
  • A descriptive estimate of all the products and/or services giving to you in exchange for the donation of your car, or
  • A declaration that everything that was provided to you as a service or products giving to you were intangibles, it could be religious services, a wedding, information.

If any of this declarations is not provided by the charity organization then the IRS will not allow any donation that is over $500


  • Could You Deduct More Than The Sale Price or your vehicle?

According to the IRS you can only claim up to 50% of the gross proceeds of the sale of your car donation. This limit is set for most vehicles, however there are a few exceptions that will do allow you to go at fair market value. this amounts are usually higher that $500 and there are procedures to follow to get this done.



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