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PICK A JUNKYARD came together to help the general public locate salvage yards in your location, we provide a list of junkyards from all over the USA and our list just keeps growing.
It is free to list yours today, just sign up and provide us with all the information and pictures of your junkyard, what types of vehicles and parts your junkyard provides. Most Salvage yards offer auto parts  that came from vehicles that were sold to the scrap yard, or bought from Auto insurance auctions, most are cars, trucks, SUVs, and Vans.

The automobiles were drained from all hazardous liquids and gases to protect our environment, and are ready for you to dismantle them in any way you want to get to the part you need.
You need to bring your own tools to the yard as this junkyards don't provide you with tools or any mechanic personnel to help you pull the part you need, there are always local mechanics visiting the yards and if you ask around maybe you can find someone to help you for the right price. Auto Salvage yard places only allow a person who is over the age of 16 to their yard for obvious reasons, your kid gets hurt and they get in trouble. Most Auto Salvage places charge a fee to get into the yard, those prices vary from $1.00 - $3.50
The prices at every auto salvage place varies, they set their own prices and those prices could change at any time. Also if you have a car you don't need or that is not working, you can donate it for a tax deduction or sell it for the cash.

Junk Yards Near Me

Junk yards near me

If you are in need for used auto parts or have a small budget to fix/repair your car, most likely you got here by searching Junk Yards Near Me. This is a good thing because you are in the right place. We have listing for many Junk yards like Pick N Pull, Pull-A-Part, LKQ Pick Your Part, U Pull and Pay and many more.

A junk vehicle, is also called a salvage car, which is so damaged,  that it makes more financial sense to sell for their parts, than to try to repair it and then apply for a salvage title. Usually people junk vehicles with the help of a junkyard or a scrap yard, but some people like to take a more DIY approach. If this sounds like you, use these guidelines to begin, and still be sure to check regulations Auto recovery of your state to learn about the title, registration and plates requirements. Contact your area or salvage yards discarded vehicles You’re probably used to reading that requirements for various issues related to the DMV vary by state, so it should be no different that the requirements for junking a vehicle will  vary by junkyards. Therefore, you can not give definite instructions, but we can give you some general guidelines for junking a vehicle: So, unless you intend to dismantle the vehicle and sell parts of itself or privately sell the entire vehicle parts, contact a junkyards in the area and ask about: Preparation requirements. Does the junkyard prefer to dismantle the vehicle, or will offer more money if you do it yourself? If you get rid of the tires and other non-metallic materials, or will handle the junkyard that, too? Title and registration requirements. The junkyard might want to see the title and a registration to the car. Be sure to check with your DMV before the release of these documents. Junk Car Prices. As you would with anything else, shop around! A junk yard near me could give you a fair price, but the one across the town could pay twice as much for your junk vehicle. Junk car prices vary by make and model, also the type of vehicle and size of it, this should come into consideration when trying to sell your car to an auto salvage yard in my area.

Local Auto Salvage Yards will buy almost any type of vehicle, as long as there is metals and metal prices are always going up, they will buy your Junk car. Also Used Auto Parts Salvage Yards can pay up to or more than $1000 for junk cars, this is because they could be a newer model vehicle and their parts can sell very fast and for more money.

For Big Trucks, Salvage yards specialize in buying and selling parts for heavy equipment and cargo truck are very rare and you need to contact them by phone.

Buying Used Auto Parts

Most local junk yards and salvage yards have a Salvage Yard Parts Locator to help you find the vehicle and the part you need to fix your car or truck. Also you need to know that most vehicles have inter-exchangeable parts that fit many models of cars or trucks, The Local Auto Salvage Parts Locator will tell you if the vehicle is in the yard, also you can find many other vehicles and are in the yard and carry the same part as yours, this can be very helpful since most cars get tear apart and their parts sold within days, but the more choices you have the better a chance to get the part.

Used Auto Parts Salvage Yards and Junk Yards Online Inventory changes daily or weekly, you need to revisit them often to make sure you don’t miss out on a good deal. Auto Salvage in my area will have as many as 1200 vehicles in stock daily, but their inventory changes so much that you need move when you see your vehicle in stock.


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      Pick A Junkyard came together to help the general public locate salvage yards in your location, we provide a list of junkyards from all over the USA and our list just keeps growing.
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Solid Junk yard to pick and pull parts from

May 19, 2012 by James Folley

This help me so much on getting my old car back in working conditions, I saved money and had fun doing the car repairs