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Places That Buy Cars For Cash

Cash for junk cars


Cash For Junk Cars

I will like to inform you about places that buy cars for cash, well let me explain how this process works.

Most of us when our car doesn’t run anymore or is to the point that is not worth fixing, we don’t know what to do with it. And like in my case if you live in Florida then any car registered under you name needs to be insured otherwise your driver license gets suspended (ouch). So imagine if your car is just sitting there doing nothing but costing you money every month, what if you could sell that sucker and make some money that you could use to pay bills, maybe use for a downpayment when you purchase a newer one.

I had one of these cars, in fact I didn’t know my license was being affected because of this car. I was like, if I don’t drive it, no problem; Well I was wrong… I got a notification by mail that my car had no insurance and that my driver license will be suspended if I don’t get it and fast. I started calling D&V and they told me that it’s the law that every vehicle registered under my name will have insurance, I explained that my car was in the garage and it doesn’t work, they don’t care she told me, then she said, why don’t you sell it to like a junkyard or scrap yard, they will pay you some cash that you can use, instead of waisting money on insurance.

Places That Buy Cars For Cash

So I contacted U-Pull-It Junkyard and they were glad to give my some cash for my used car, even if it doesn’t work, I told them that the car was missing some parts and that it doesn’t run, the lady said we buy cars for cash not matter the condition. Well I was very happy to
Cash For Junk Cars
know all that and you should be too, you can get cash for your old car today, call your local salvage yard, there are other places that buy cars for cash, but junkyards are my favorite since they come get your car if it doesn’t run; tell them you wan to sell your car for cash and I am sure they will gladly help you.

I want you to be careful, many places will try to scam you, telling you that you will need to pay them to pick up the old car, places that buy
cars for cash like salvage yards, junkyards, scrap yards have tow trucks that will come to you and pick up the vehicle free of charge. They want your vehicle, they will go to you and pay you on the spot. So don’t fall for the ones that try to sound like they are doing you a favor by coming to pick your car up and then resell it to the junkyard and make some money themselves.

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Solid Junk yard to pick and pull parts from

May 19, 2012 by James Folley

This help me so much on getting my old car back in working conditions, I saved money and had fun doing the car repairs